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Where in Melbourne Puzzle - March 2013

Where in Melbourne Puzzle - March 2013.



Clue 1 - Many favour this spot to take pictures of Melbourne.

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Clue 2 - Completed in 1899 by John Monash and J.T.N. Anderson,
the name was changed in 1936 after the Lord Mayor of Melbourne (1926 - 1928).

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for correctly identifying the location to be the Morell Bridge in South Yarra.

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Solve - Morell Bridge, South Yarra

Morell Bridge offers one of the more spectacular views of Melbourne.


Morell Bridge as seen in Google Earth

The Morell Bridge is a bridge over the Yarra River in South Yarra.

It  was completed in 1899 1899 by the firm of Monash and Anderson using the Monier concrete construction technique. The Monier system of construction was patented in 1867 by Joseph Monier, a French manufacturer of garden ware.

Joseph Monier 1823 - 1906
Monier used a grid of small-diameter iron bars embedded in a coarse mortar especially for the construction of planter pots. The technique and patents were gradually extended to cover, amongst other things, arch bridges.
Monash and Anderson operated as the Victorian agency of the Sydney based engineering and contracting firm of Carter Gummow & Co, who held the Australian patent for the Monier technique. JTN Anderson from Monash and Anderson supervised the construction of the bridge with the design attributed to WG Baltzer, from Carter Gummow & Co. The bridge was erected on dry land and upon completion the Yarra River was diverted under it.

Anderson Bridge under construction
It features decorations on the three arch spans, including large dragon motifs and ornamental Victorian lights.  The reinforced concrete arches are filled with earth.
The 102 metre long bridge is divided into three equal spans, with concrete abutments and piers. The concrete surfaces are finished with cement mortar and and handrails are of cast iron. Each pier is mounted by a light standard containing twin lamps.
The Bridge is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Sir Stephen Morell
Originally known as the Anderson Street bridge, In May 1936 the bridge was named after Sir Stephen Morell, Lord Mayor of Melbourne between 1926 and 1928, as a tribute to his municipal service and enthusiasm for rowing.
On June 7, 1998 the bridge was closed to motor vehicles as part of the City Link project. It is currently used by cyclist and pedestrian traffic, connecting the Royal Botanic Gardens to the Olympic Park precinct. 


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