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Where in Melbourne Puzzle - July 2013

Where in Melbourne Puzzle - July  2013.

For the rules, see the latest puzzle.

CLUE 1 This musician supports the Hawks.

CLUE 2 This musician has a rooftop garden.

CLUE 3 This musician spruiks the tradition of fine string instrument makers.

LAST CLUE  Here you will find Melbourne's finest luthier.

And now, for the puzzle solution :

The picture is of Benedict G Puglisi's workshop in Church Street Hawthorn.
The word 'luthier' comes from the French word luth, which means lute. The term is used interchangeably with any term that refers to a specific, or specialty type of stringed instrument, such as violin maker, guitar maker, lute maker, etc.
In the case of Benedict G Puglisi, a luthier is someone who makes or repairs lutes and other string instruments.
Benedict is Melbourne's own human treasure and part of the fabric that makes up our interesting city.

Benedict was also kind enough to reveal the history of the bass player (subject of this month's puzzle).
The sculpture was given to Benedict in 1997 as a gift. It was made by Mitch Mitchell and Roger Mitchell and was given to Benedict in return for help that he provided them with on some of their other sculpture work.

Benedict's workshop

Zoom out.

Zoom out a bit more.
A framed collection of newspaper articles in Benedict's shop window.

Benedict's shop window includes a collection of instrumental figurines.

Benedict's web page is a window into the fascinating world of instrument making.

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