Monday, November 4, 2013

Where in Melbourne Puzzle - November 2013

Where in Melbourne Puzzle - November  2013.


Clue 1 Early in the morning the city sleeps, the bay is quiet and here, there is Silence.

Clue 2 This sculpture was installed in 2002. Expanding new horizons in an expanding city.

Clue 3 Rising out of the pavement, the name is in the clue (1)

Clue 4 Docklands is home to a large collection of contemporary public art works.
This is one of them.

And now, for the solution.

Commissioned in 2001,
 is a sculpture by Adrian Mauriks, one of Australian leading artists, installed at the Docklands in 2003.

Public art has contributed a strong sense of identity to Docklands with over 42 artworks situated in the parks, promenades and built into the architecture and landscape.

Sculptor Adrian Mauriks has described this work as :

“a series of forms arousing to the mind, appealing to
memory, reminding you of natural things – clouds, a tree, a forest – questioning and gesturing,
and at the same time promoting sustainability in all things.”

To our delight, many of Adrian Mauriks' sculptures dot public places throughout Melbourne.
One just needs to keep their eyes open.
"Fire within two"
Adrian Mauriks

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