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Where in Melbourne Puzzle - June 2013

Where in Melbourne Puzzle - June  2013.

Clue 1 - Look up.

Clue 2 - This this clue reveals a significant moment in Australian history.

Clue 3 - This object weighs 220,000 tons.

Clue 4 - This object gets its name from an event that took place in in Ballarat many years ago and is the tallest of its kind in Melbourne.
The June 2013 puzzle is an image of the crown of the Eureka Tower.
When measured either by the height of its roof, or by the height of its highest habitable floor, Eureka Tower was the tallest residential building in the world when completed in 2006. It is also currently the building with the most floors available for residential occupancy in the world. The building stands 297 metres in height, with 91 storeys above ground plus one basement level.
It is one of only seven buildings in the world with 90 or more storeys and is the equal 77th tallest building in the world. It is also the second-tallest building in Australia and the tallest building in Melbourne.
Eureka Tower is named after the Eureka Stockade, a rebellion during the Victorian gold rush in 1854.
Eureka Stockade Ballarat by Beryl Ireland (1891)
Eureka Stockade has been incorporated into the design, with the building's gold crown representing the gold rush and a red stripe representing the blood spilt during the revolt. The blue glass cladding that covers most of the building represents the blue background of the stockade's flag.
The the white lines also represent the eureka stockade flag and the white horizontal stripes represent markings on a surveyor's measuring staff.
The façade of the building consists of 52,000m² glass and 40,000m² of aluminium panels. The glass is specially designed to reflect heat in the summer but retain heat in the winter and also to be light and durable.
The top ten floors of the tower have 24ct-gold-coated glass as a façade. The gold glass covers level 82 to the roof on level 92 and the north-east and south-west faces of the tower have gold double glazing. The gold glass was manufactured in Canada by AFGD and shipped to Melbourne.
The window panels weigh between 150kg and 200kg each depending on their size and more than 400 were installed.

 Eureka Tower from the Kew Boulevard. 
Reflection of the Eureka Tower in the Merrill Lynch building
Eureka Tower through the Melbournian forecourt
Eureka Tower, Melbourne

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